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September Harvest Moon horoscope: What is the Harvest Full Moon zodiac?

SEPTEMBERS so-called Full Harvest Moon peaks early next week but what do astrologers have to say about it? This month the Full Moon lights up the night skies in the wee morning hours on Tuesday, September 25, in the UK. Elsewhere, you can expect the Full Moon to peak between the nights of September 24 and September 25 depending on your timezone. Here in the UK the brilliant glow of the fully illuminated Harvest Moon will shine from around 3.52am BST. The Full Harvest Moon rises this month in the astrological sign of Virgo, the Maiden, from the New Moon on September 9. Astrologers believe the sign is governed by the planet Mercury and governs aspects of life and work. The Moon in Virgo rose into the skies at 16 degrees and 59 seconds. Jamie Partridge of AstrologyKing.com thinks the Harvest Moon might bring about aparticularset of problems due to its unfortunate position in relation to the Sun, Saturn, Mercury and the asteroid Chiron. The astrologer said: Saturn is the main source of concern in the full moon horoscope .

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